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Vitame Vas (we welcome you)
For four centuries, Hajostek families have lived in Eastern Europe and America.
Ancesters of the Hajostek family came from small towns in the Slovak Republic, in
Eastern Europe.

The earliest family marriage record found so far is a marriage in Ruzbach, in the
year 1675. The earliest Hajostek record found so far is an obituary in the year
1707, for a Joseph Hajostek who died at the age of 80. This means that he was
born in 1627. If his father was between 20 and 42 years at his birth, there were
Hajostek families between 1585 and 1607.

I am hopeful that Hajosteks and Hayosteks all over the world will contribute to our
understanding of our origins and heritage on this beautiful planet earth.
Welcome to the Hajostek Family Homepage
This homepage is maintained by Jack R. Hajostek, Almond, Wisconsin in the
United States of America.
Comments can be sent to hajostek@uniontel.net.
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